This Just In: Unicorn Sighting in Fort Worth

Posted On:05.17.2016
Posted by Carl Poposki

What an amazing party weekend for Party Machine! On Friday night our travels brought us to Sambuca Uptown for a club performance. This venue never fails to deliver amazing energy and an interactive crowd – two things that we love here at Party Machine.


On Saturday, the party train chugged on over to Fort Worth for a wedding at Reata Restaurant. If you haven’t taken the time to try this place out, we highly recommend you do. A terrific menu with Texas favorites including cheese grits, tamales, and elk sausage are all note perfect. Also, the rooftop patio is a great place to take in a lovely “Cowtown” evening. Our wedding reception was on this very rooftop and the guests definitely came to party. With perfect weather and great music, you never know who you might run into…even a unicorn!

Photo May 14, 9 39 40 PM Photo May 14, 3 09 49 PM Photo May 14, 7 59 48 PM


After a well deserved day off on Sunday the band was back at it again on Monday evening – this time at Northwood Club for the Texas Irish American Cup Golf Tournament. This event is a great celebration of the fundraising efforts for The Ireland Fund. We are so proud and happy to be a part of these types of celebrations.

Look for us at a public event at Rick’s On The Square in Tyler, Texas this Friday. See you soon!

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